Our Mission

Spin The Room Productions highly advocates for a positive and creative community. Our mission is to bring you a unuique experience through music, video, art, entertainment and viral content. As well as being an active online/social media and entertainment production brand that influences all online platforms. We also record, produce and publish artists and musicians from all sounds and genres. We are here for the art, we are here for your art!


Spin The Room Productions was founded by south Texas brothers, Matthew (right) & Nikko Vallejo (left). Matthew and Nikko are Austin Texas based musicians, producers, and all around music and art enthusiasts. Playing live shows since the ages of 8 and 11, performance and music is now a thing of second nature. When not teaching drums, vocals & piano at School of Rock South West Austin or working/producing other artists, Matthew collaborates with brother Nikko on their own music. Nikko is a multi-instrumentalist with roots in blues, soul, and southern rock. Inspired by the diverse musicians of Austin and cousins of the rock band Vallejo. Rhythm has always been in our blood and we hope to share our unique sounds and vision to you all.

Photo taken at the original Antone's, Austin Texas 2008

Our Services

Bringing you a unique music and artistic experiece through - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Publishing, Artist Advocacy Program, Organized & Asthetic Photoshoots, Merchandise.


Instrument, Vocal and Midi Tracking in a professional studio environment.


EQ, Compression, Leveling, Automation, Gain Staging and everything in-between to get a professinal mix that you're happy with.


Final touches: Mastering EQ and Mastering Compression, Appropiate Gain Staging to get the master audio to proper commercial standards.

Organized & Asthetic Photoshoots

Capturing the right asthetic for your Album/EP/Single cover photo or walk away with a gallery of photos catered to you and your asthetic to help legitamize your artistry in this Music Inustry.

Artist Advocacy Program

GET YOUR ART ON OUR PLATFORM! Contact us to get your art on our website. Through our Artist Advocacy Program we will promote and sell your unuique pieces (paintings, photos, sketches, graphic designs, photos, videos, recipes, etc) on our platform. All proceeds go to rightful owners/artists.

Merchandise [Coming Soon . . .]

Shop clothes, hats, stickers, keychains. It's for the style.

Always a welcoming and professional environment when working with these guys. Truly excellent!
Carly Fairchild

Love collaborating with Spin The Room Productions. They know how to be creative and are dedicated to their art and others. Such a lit time man.
Brandon Sullivan - Floyd 1 Studios

Our Work